Information Regarding eMail Distributions

It has come to our attention that some people are not receiving the email updates.  Below are some items to check to verify delivery of the emails.

  • email is in spam or junk mail folder:  Please check your “spam” and “junk mail” folders.  Our email communication method is now subscription based and quite often these emails are seen as spam or junk mail by email systems.  If it is in this folder please mark the sender or email as safe to allow these emails to be delivered to the inbox.
  • you are not registered for emails:  Please register for email distributions on the right side of the web site (“register to receive email updates”).  If the system says you are already subscribed than your email address is already in the system.  Please check your spam or junk mail folders for emails.
  • you have not confirmed your email address:  When you register for emails it is important that you confirm your email address via the email that is sent to you.  This email may be delivered to your spam or junk mail folder, so please check those folders for this email.  You will need to follow the instructions in the email to confirm your subscription.  If your account needs to be verified you can register from the web site with the same email address to have another confirmation email sent to you.

Our emails are sent by the name “Hunterdon Outreach Programs” with the email address “”.

If you continue to have issues please send us an email via the submission form on the contact us page on the web site.

Thank you!