How do I register for HOPS?

You need to complete the registration form for your area of interest, athlete or volunteer, and then show up for our events.  For athletes, you will select “Yearly Athlete Registration Form” and for volunteers you will select “Yearly Volunteer Disclosure Statement“.  Registration is mandatory and is required once per school year (September – August).  You can find the links to register on the menu bar above under the registration tab.  Once this form is submitted your name will be on our list for check-in at all upcoming events.

What happens after I register?

We do not send out emails confirming your registration.  Once you submit your registration and received the “Your response has been recorded” message at the top of the page you are registered.  All you need to do is attend the session(s) of interest to you.  Your name will be on the registered athletes or registered volunteers list for quick confirmation at the check-in table.  Registration is a requirement to participate in HOPS events.

How do I know when events are being held?

Calendar:  You can use our website and look at the calendar or upcoming events section.  We have preset schedules for most of our activities, with tennis being the one sport we schedule very close to the scheduled date as we are limited to court availability at the facility where the event is located.

eMail:  You can also sign up for our email distribution list from the “Stay Informed” section on the Home page.  We send out emails before our weekend events take place as a reminder of the activities.  You can remove yourself from the email list when you want by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

Facebook:  You can follow us on Facebook.  When we send out our emails with our weekend activities, we also post on our Facebook page.

Can my volenteer time be used for Community Service hours?

Yes.  HOPS can validate time spent volunteering at our sessions.  Please ensure that you have checked in at each session.

Is there any cost to participate in HOPS?

No.  There is no cost to participate in our core programs.

On occasion we may run a special event that will have a small cost, but these costs will be known and advertised in advance.

Is there any cost for equipment or uniforms for athletes or volunteers?

No.  There is no cost for equipment or uniforms. These are provided by HOPs.

Why am I not receiving emails from HOPS?

Please make sure you have signed up for emails.  You can sign up using the eMail Registration link on the right side of any web page on our site.

Please check your junk mail or spam mail folder.  Our emails are sent from a service and can be filtered from your email provider as junk or spam.  If this is happening, please add HOPS to your contacts or safe senders list to have these emails go to your inbox.

As a parent/guardian of a special needs Athlete, can I drop him/her off and pick him/her up after?

No.  We require that a parent or guardian to be present during the program session at the location it is held. This is not a drop off and pick up program.

Do I have to live in Hunterdon County to participate as an Athlete or Volunteer?

Yes.  Our program is open to all Volunteers and special needs Athletes from outside Hunterdon County.

Is there a commitment to attend a minimum number of sessions after I register?

As a Volunteer you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you would like to attend. There is no minimum requirement for the number of session that you must attend.

Volunteers who are designated as Lead Volunteers may need to attend a minimum number of sessions depending on the specific sport program. This will be discussed and confirmed with the HOPs Program Coordinator as leadership is established for each specific program.